Friday, January 6, 2012

Using the forum and a little session on the Standard

The first time you visit a forum it can be a little overwhelming.
Initially, it is probably just worth browsing the various topics raised to get a feel for what sort of things are being discussed.
The next time you visit the best way to find any new discussions is to make sure you are logged in and this will activate the "View posts since last visit" link which will provide a list of all the topics that have had some activity. You will find it right above the list of forums as I have indicated in the image above which you can click on to view in full size.
The next step is probably to reply to a topic if you feel so disposed and become a part of a discussion.
Once you have a handle on the sort of things that are raised and discussed you can start creating topics that you might be interested in and hey presto before you know it you are a forum junkie!

I got a slightly frustrating session on the Standard today. Probably should have taken the Tracker out but from where I observed it looked like the waves might be standing up and a little quick around the bay.
Anyway, it was offshore, if a little too gale like, the water was a beautiful green and looked particularly smart against the grey clouds and patches of blue sky that poked through. So, I am happy!


  1. I get "your email address is incorrect", which it clearly is not. Is the confirmation code case sensitive? If so it's very difficult to distinguish between some upper and lower case letters in the confirmation image. After 6 failed attempts to register I thought I'd ask :-)

  2. quote -
    "Sorry, but this e-mail address is invalid."

    It's "info at propertyshoot dot com"

  3. Hi Robin...still having problems registering.
    Screen grabs here...