Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some people like to walk on water!

Michelle has often mentioned that she prefers the idea of riding waves standing up because it is kinda like walking on water! Although, I never have learnt to fly anything particularly I am very into the notion of flight and remain constantly fascinated and very, very envious of birds. Occasionally, I find myself contemplating existence and the meaning of life etc and recently I had what many might consider a really pretty silly thought. That the notion of angels may have derived from the ancients observing birds and like me envying their escape from the shackles of gravity here on our earth. Maybe when we die all our hard work to raise our consciousness in an effort to attain nirvana pays off and we become a bird! For someone like me that is rather a pleasant thought.
"What's that you ask?"
"Oh ok. What sort of bird would I like to come back as?"
"As a Pelican of course. The fighter bomber of the bird world!"
So what does all this have to do with mat riding? Well let me tell you. Some may like to walk on water, but I like to fly!!!!

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  1. Well it's more like skating than walking really. Stand-up surfing is like flying standing up instead of lying down. Each to their own.