Tuesday, November 29, 2011

4GF Standard locks in!

I think I really prefer to ride a small surf mat. I am starting to entertain the theory that the smaller a mat one can get away with the better. Maybe it is the waves we have around here but I don't think so after yesterdays experience. I initially took the Standard out to a fast right hander in front of the inlet that looked reasonably steep so assessed that the Standard's squarer back end would be more appropriate than a roundtail mat. Anyway, my strategy was unsuccesful as the low tide was on the way and the current pushing out through mouth of the inlet made it impossible to get on to anything as it came through. So I moved across to the point where Michelle and another longboarding friend of ours were hunting down some very small waves. I didn't hold out much hope of getting anything there either but I was sick of my own company by this stage and felt the need for some conversation. It turned out that there was the odd catchable wave coming through and the Standard really showed it's pedigree locking straight into the pocket like a magnet and affording me three most satisfying rides on what were micro waves much smaller than that depicted in the image above. I have given the repaired Fatty to my good friend Jay who lives further to the east in my previous hometown leaving the Standard and the MT5 as the only two mats I own that do not have a roundtail. So I am thinking that a quiver of 4 mats including the Tracker Roundtail, of which the biggest is the Vespa Roundtail providing more than enough mats for my needs, is more than adequate.  Incidentally, I have been meaning to mention for sometime now how well the new wax job on the deck of the 4GF's works. I only realised how effective it was when I got back on the Tracker Roundtail, that has not had this particular treatment, and I started sliding around all over it. So what are we gonna call this new wax job? A "Reverse Brazilian" maybe, as it effectively puts the hair back on so to speak!?
Anyway, to get back on track, I am offering my twice used 4GF UDT for sale and am happy to post it anywhere around the world. Make an offer and I will consider it!
PS Had a very interesting email from a mat riding legend recently and you can look forward to more on that soon I hope! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Got a quiver?

Well, meet "The Mat Strap!" You can easily make yourself one of these.

This is a Pilates mat strap with the elastic mat holders replaced by a couple of heavy duty adjustable snap lock dog collars that I have sewn on to the shoulder strap.

I decided to look for something like this as 5 mats actually constitutes quite a heavy and cumbersome bundle.
Works a treat! Just need some bloody waves now as another weekend goes by without getting wet!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well, I am not convinced that there is any advantage to using a mat of this size. I have had two sessions on the UDT and for me it is just too bloody big. It is difficult to get into a wave because there is definitely more resistance and made me wish I had my UDT fins on. There is too much mat to handle once I am on a wave and though it glides well I am not sure that I would choose it over the Vespa which is also a great glider. I did much experimentation with inflations during those sessions to no avail. I got a UDT as I thought it would be a great mat in small conditions but I can't get on to small waves on it and it is too much of a handful on a bigger wave.
Now I know some of you are UDT fan boys and that this post is likely to spawn a barrage of invective and complaint but in-between your ranting let me know in what sort of conditions you are riding a UDT, what inflation level and what size and weight you are!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Yes it was small but it was also.............

.........off shore and the ocean was green and Michelle and I finally got wet again! This joyous event after two weeks out of the water, due to raging on shores, copious amount of rain and foul dirty brown water spreading hundred of metres across the bay such as you can see in the bottom of the above image and which had spread way out in to the bay further even than in the following image. Ugly, ugly ugly!
Knowing there was likely to be little swell, I had a board ready to put on the car but a combination of rain and having to take Michelle's off before I could get mine on led me to cast it aside. When we got there, I immediately started to regret my decision and had the keys in hand ready to return home to get a SUP but in a day seemingly filled with indecision changed my mind again and headed off round the bay with the Vespa where I could see a few crew getting on to something.  Finally, I seemed to have made a good decision as I got three very commendable little waves in the session. As I headed back around and across the inlet opening I reflected on how dramatically being back in the ocean had lifted my spirits and sense of well being. Not that they had particularly gone missing beforehand, but the experience of being in the beautiful clear water in sunny off shore conditions was most pleasurable. Wanting to prolong the pleasure, I dumped the mat on the beach, whacked the Duck Feet back on and joined Michelle for a little body surfing to finish off the session. It is looking like we will get out there again for the next couple of days too. A damn good thing that is too!