Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well, I am not convinced that there is any advantage to using a mat of this size. I have had two sessions on the UDT and for me it is just too bloody big. It is difficult to get into a wave because there is definitely more resistance and made me wish I had my UDT fins on. There is too much mat to handle once I am on a wave and though it glides well I am not sure that I would choose it over the Vespa which is also a great glider. I did much experimentation with inflations during those sessions to no avail. I got a UDT as I thought it would be a great mat in small conditions but I can't get on to small waves on it and it is too much of a handful on a bigger wave.
Now I know some of you are UDT fan boys and that this post is likely to spawn a barrage of invective and complaint but in-between your ranting let me know in what sort of conditions you are riding a UDT, what inflation level and what size and weight you are!


  1. i've ridden mine in all conditions and in small conditions i ride almost flat and in larger meaty waves i up the air to normal mat inflation. but it is harder to get into smaller waves, so i usually take off a bit later. i'm 185cm and 125kg. hope that helps

  2. Cheers Matador. Shit you are a big guy! I am thinking that maybe the UDT really will work better with a bit more mass on it. I am shorter than you and around 100kgs. Any other opinions out there?