Monday, November 14, 2011

Got a quiver?

Well, meet "The Mat Strap!" You can easily make yourself one of these.

This is a Pilates mat strap with the elastic mat holders replaced by a couple of heavy duty adjustable snap lock dog collars that I have sewn on to the shoulder strap.

I decided to look for something like this as 5 mats actually constitutes quite a heavy and cumbersome bundle.
Works a treat! Just need some bloody waves now as another weekend goes by without getting wet!


  1. You are brilliant! I will look for those straps. I'm always carrying a surfboards, fins and mats. Usually, I have to stop and adjust because the mats unravel and mess everything up. This is one brilliant idea, Ramsnake.

  2. yeah, good idea! i use poster tubes but taking four of the to the beach plus fins gets a bit much sometimes.

  3. I use THIS.

    This one is a bag for a travel table so has two compartments but a camping chair bag works just as well. The chairs are really cheap!


  4. Good idea too mate! Any other mat transporting ideas out there?

  5. nice off to find some straps myself great thats for the tip

  6. As a post note, I actually used the mat strap today for the first time as I finally got in to the water even though it was very marginal to say the least. Anyway, the snap lock dog collars are the key feature of these straps.
    Place your rolled up mats on the ground, undo the straps, unroll your mats leaving the straps underneath. Select the mat you intend to ride, roll the remaining mats back up again and voila there are the straps just waiting to be snapped in to place again. Bloody brilliant if I say so myself!