Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's the little things I'm learning about! Like.............

...............lying around on it

duck diving it

dragging it

stopping it

hanging on to it

paddling around on it

changing the air in it and


Oh, so comfortable on it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ok I know! It has been awhile?

Well, there is not much to report really. I go to the local break, I look and decide..............?
Yep it is a mat day!" or
"It isn't really a mat day,"
"Oh well I'll make it one and take it out anyway!" and off I go.
I take it out in lumpy, windy conditions that would be hell to deal with on a board and have a ball.
I take it out in conditions where you could use a board but the take off needs to be very quick and I still manage to get a little face time before the close out and I have a ball.
If there is a reasonable size to the wave it doesn't seem to matter what conditions are I have a good time, always, it makes me feel good, I want to share but I can't and this is probably the most frustrating part of being a mat rider!
I still take a board out occasionally but it feels so stiff and unyielding under me that I get annoyed with it and having to pop up is starting to seem plain ridiculous so sometimes I just don't bother! My shonky knee is also starting to tell me more and more that I should be staying off a board.
Hey George, I think I am really starting to get it, so thanks!
Brilliant painting of George by Wardie!