Monday, April 29, 2013

6th Tube Riding Comp Entry

Adam Williams is clearly on a quest for the perfect tube ridden on a surf mat. Here he is again shooting his own footage this time.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Change 2!!!!!!!

Oh twist my arm then!!! It seems that folks are just a little pissed that this blog has come to a standstill. Fair enough I suppose. Although my posting career has definitely ended, I am giving you the opportunity to start yours. If you are interested, send your email to and I will provide with authorisation so as you can post away to your heart's content. Looking forward to seeing what transpires!

Friday, April 19, 2013


There has been a bit of rumbling in the mat riding community about the change that has occurred in the last couple of years in the mat riding world. Personally, I am unfussed by all the fuss and happy to see surf mats becoming more popular and used in whatever way people might choose to do so!
Anyway, here is a little bit more change for you to deal with. It has been exactly three years to the day since I started this blog and I have posted like mad ever since as I embarked on my mat riding journey. Well, I am announcing that this will now cease. The posts that is, not my personal mat riding journey which will continue unabated.
Why have I made this decision? Well it is time for a change. Good old change. Don't you just love the inevitability of it? I have flown the flag for surf mats for a long time and I am over it now and ready to hand on the baton to others. After three years of riding a surf mat, I am finding I have little to talk about anymore as I have the basic techniques down and will now concentrate on making them more musical so to speak. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about it all here but have not enjoyed the flak I have copped from some quarters along the way over that period. The most extraordinary of these resulted in my being unable to purchase 4GF surf mats, which I still ride and have expounded on the virtues of countless times!! This was, of course, because I refused to not post about Mark Thomson and his great mat, the Krypt MT5, that has helped to introduce an avalanche of new people to the joys of mat riding. MT has also been responsible for contributing some really great material to post about here and I am very appreciative of his efforts in that regard. Anyway, sorry chaps but the target is now down!
The only rider to this non-posting declaration is that any entries for the Tube Ride of the Year Competition will continue to be posted and ultimately the result of it of course. Posts here will cease entirely once the competition is complete. The blog will remain up on-line for future mat riders to explore and I will continue to post stuff on the ASMR Facebook page.
If you have suddenly landed up here, there is a wealth of material on all things mat related for your edification. Do take the time to look back through the blog as I am sure you will not regret having done so.
Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to drop by and particular thanks to those of you who have also provided me with material to post about.
I look forward to sharing a session with you if you happen to be in Denmark sometime!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Modern surf mats are for everyone!

Those of us who ride surf mats seriously probably have years of surfing experience and seek out quality waves to explore our passion. But you don't have to be a gun to ride a surf mat. Remember that historically, surf mats were originally hired out to any beachgoer, and used to explore the less than shapely waves hitting straight on to the beach. Although the modern surf mat is a far more efficient surf craft, it is no different from those original big heavy lenders and anybody can use one to ride those white water waves also.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Da Bolt gets his camera out!

Hi Mate

Well we had another BIG weekend of mat sliding.

Friday I went up to Gerringong and it was HUGE solid double overhead which I did not expect as Thursday had been near flat. So with just my MT5 in tow I had to wait for the swell to drop and clean up which it did and I managed to get some fun slides in amongst the many tourists…lucky some of them were scantily clad surf nymphets.

Saturday and Adam has in his mind …gotta have another go at Aussie pipe.. so we arrived at pre dawn with 7 cars already emptying their contents of booger boarders so we went to five mile and had some fun waves adam forgot his wettie so he was cold …somehow that was my fault..hahaha
Next we went back to scumm cove where I took out my water camera and snapped a few water shots….
I found out again it is not easy to surf and take piccies all at the same time but I had fun trying.

Monday surfed backside on my vespa and caught one really GOOD sized walling cowabunga take off… much to the amusement of the touros.

Anyway hope you scored a few…hope to get some better water shots soon, now I know what to do.

Da bolt

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mat Meet Easter 2013

 MattJ and Ramsnake had a bit of fun over two days during the Easter holiday.