Saturday, April 6, 2013

Da Bolt gets his camera out!

Hi Mate

Well we had another BIG weekend of mat sliding.

Friday I went up to Gerringong and it was HUGE solid double overhead which I did not expect as Thursday had been near flat. So with just my MT5 in tow I had to wait for the swell to drop and clean up which it did and I managed to get some fun slides in amongst the many tourists…lucky some of them were scantily clad surf nymphets.

Saturday and Adam has in his mind …gotta have another go at Aussie pipe.. so we arrived at pre dawn with 7 cars already emptying their contents of booger boarders so we went to five mile and had some fun waves adam forgot his wettie so he was cold …somehow that was my fault..hahaha
Next we went back to scumm cove where I took out my water camera and snapped a few water shots….
I found out again it is not easy to surf and take piccies all at the same time but I had fun trying.

Monday surfed backside on my vespa and caught one really GOOD sized walling cowabunga take off… much to the amusement of the touros.

Anyway hope you scored a few…hope to get some better water shots soon, now I know what to do.

Da bolt

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