Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ok I know! It has been awhile?

Well, there is not much to report really. I go to the local break, I look and decide..............?
Yep it is a mat day!" or
"It isn't really a mat day,"
"Oh well I'll make it one and take it out anyway!" and off I go.
I take it out in lumpy, windy conditions that would be hell to deal with on a board and have a ball.
I take it out in conditions where you could use a board but the take off needs to be very quick and I still manage to get a little face time before the close out and I have a ball.
If there is a reasonable size to the wave it doesn't seem to matter what conditions are I have a good time, always, it makes me feel good, I want to share but I can't and this is probably the most frustrating part of being a mat rider!
I still take a board out occasionally but it feels so stiff and unyielding under me that I get annoyed with it and having to pop up is starting to seem plain ridiculous so sometimes I just don't bother! My shonky knee is also starting to tell me more and more that I should be staying off a board.
Hey George, I think I am really starting to get it, so thanks!
Brilliant painting of George by Wardie!


  1. That's my painting by the you won't mind if people know they can buy a print of it and/or a 2011 calendar full of GG images at < >
    More paintings to come, BTW.

  2. I love this post Robin. Save your bucks and come over for a meet mate!


  3. Yep sorry Wardie. I did mean to mention that and provide a link to your page.