Friday, November 4, 2011

Yes it was small but it was also............. shore and the ocean was green and Michelle and I finally got wet again! This joyous event after two weeks out of the water, due to raging on shores, copious amount of rain and foul dirty brown water spreading hundred of metres across the bay such as you can see in the bottom of the above image and which had spread way out in to the bay further even than in the following image. Ugly, ugly ugly!
Knowing there was likely to be little swell, I had a board ready to put on the car but a combination of rain and having to take Michelle's off before I could get mine on led me to cast it aside. When we got there, I immediately started to regret my decision and had the keys in hand ready to return home to get a SUP but in a day seemingly filled with indecision changed my mind again and headed off round the bay with the Vespa where I could see a few crew getting on to something.  Finally, I seemed to have made a good decision as I got three very commendable little waves in the session. As I headed back around and across the inlet opening I reflected on how dramatically being back in the ocean had lifted my spirits and sense of well being. Not that they had particularly gone missing beforehand, but the experience of being in the beautiful clear water in sunny off shore conditions was most pleasurable. Wanting to prolong the pleasure, I dumped the mat on the beach, whacked the Duck Feet back on and joined Michelle for a little body surfing to finish off the session. It is looking like we will get out there again for the next couple of days too. A damn good thing that is too!

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