Friday, January 20, 2012

Forum news and you are invited to help create...........

........the most comprehensive central resource of mat riding information on the internet. The forum now has 40 forums, sub-forums and sub-sub-forums that are steadily growing in number as I think of more aspects of mat riding to add. There are nearly 20 members already (and there plenty of others visiting and having a look around), we have had a good discussion about the take off, identified Rasta's Neumatics and assisted to sell a Neumatic which has now gone to a good home. Apart from providing people with the opportunity to indulge in some discussion, I have decided that the forum provides a wonderful platform for bringing together disparate mat riding information in to a searchable central resource. Now I am inviting you to start helping to fill in the gaps adding to the body of information kind of like a wiki. If there is an area that you are specifically interested in, that a forum does not exist for, then let me know and I will create it for you. So if you have any stories about the legends or mat makers for example then please do add them yourself. We do need more conversation starters so please feel free to post on any subject controversial or not and I at least will certainly be responding in some way if I feel I am able to. I would also like someone in the Northern hemisphere to volunteer to be a moderator so there is an eye on the forum when I am getting my well deserved shut eye! So there you have it an invitation to get involved as if you didn't already have plenty to do!

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