Sunday, January 8, 2012

Passing the baton?

I have had an interesting discussion with new forum member Dustin who lives at Lennox which not only provides him with a venue for great waves but the opportunity to view some fairly reasonable mat riders doing their thing also.
He and a few of his mates have been turned on to mat riding using MT5s, quite obviously, as Lennox is where they emerged from. What particularly interested me was that he mentioned that he had bought himself a 4GF Tracker for Christmas and was enjoying the delights that mat can offer also. I think that to do that was quite a logical and obvious decision to make on his part.
So here is the thing. Although there has been a resistance and some degree of concern over the emergence of a mass produced mat in MT's Krypt MT5, in my mind it is surely only going to create opportunities for more sales for the custom mat makers for 2 reasons.

1. There will be more mat riders out there showing just how much fun and how adept a wave riding vehicle surf mats are.
2. Once people become hooked they will naturally search out new ways to enjoy what they like to do and will look to what else is available.

So Dustin is part of the new wave of mat riders who will ensure that mat surfing no longer remains shrouded in mystery and intrigue as it becomes more mainstream. Personally I think that is a good thing as I would prefer to surf with a bunch of mat riders than stand up surfers as it is safer for a start and there is more likelihood that waves can be shared occasionally too, as they were at the beginning of the longboard era, before surfers started going left and right demanding the wave for themselves alone.
So those of you hanging on for dear life to that baton? It's time to let it go!


  1. Sounds fair enough, but only if its was that simple..Let us call it as it is, surfing culture today is highly commercialised and homogenise.For some surfing a mat, had its origins as a subculture of mainstream surfing.I don't have a problem with sharing information, providing it is for the benefit of all, not some self serving person who stands to benefit.To reduce mat surfing culture today to ''mainstream'' surfing is crass, and insulting to those who pioneered this exciting surf skill.
    Greenough, Paul Gross & Dale Solomonson are to be revered and respected for their contributions to these majestic surf craft.To make it mainstream is in effect reducing it to the lowest common denominator - mass surf consumerism, as is your pal, Mr Thomson trying to do by his constant overt self promotion, in hoodwinking mat surfers in believing in his cheap mass produced mats from Taiwan.This ploy is design for one thing only, to sell his mats to unsuspecting customers.Cut all the cutsy crap and consider those who don;t wish to promote[ not share..] mat surfing.