Monday, January 9, 2012

2 email exchanges!

The first exchange January 2011

Name supplied but I choose not to publish it.

1st email 6/1/20112:15 PM

Hello Robin,

Its rare that I comment on subjects that are dear to my heart and passion, but I must in this instance. It is of great regret you are facilitating by inadvertently promoting a character of some ill repute, who may I add, has for those that have had dealing with him only been less than favourable. No doubt you are swept up in all the hullaballo and hype about today's mat surfing, which is your right, however some are using this as a vehicle for their own self serving ends and aggrandizement.While I am an advocate of '' free speech'', the internet has become license to make all the outrageous claims under the sun, as in the case of Mr Thompson.
I strongly recommend you make some discreet inquires before advertising this persons very egocentric drive for notoriety.

I have been surfing for over 45 years, and have a strong affinity with those who cherish the ''pure fun'' and intimacy you get from mat surfing.

Kind Regards,

My reply 6/1/2011 4:56:12 PM 


I am so honoured to hear from a legend of the mat riding world. 
I am very aware of all the controversy surrounding MT and I have chosen to ignore the politics and tension that appears to have surfaced following his entry into the mat production arena. 
I am in no way promoting any one maker on my blog as I own all three makers mats and whatever the history that may exist I am unprepared to excise MTs activities from it at this point.

I have made all the parties concerned aware of my position on this including MT. PG has even admitted that in fact it is really their problem rather than mine or any other mat riders who are new to the scene.

Indeed, I am caught up in my own journey with surf mats to the point I have practically given up surfing boards anymore.

I hope you may still continue to communicate with me as I would love to know more of your experiences with the mat.

One day I hope to get over to Wategoes for a session with you guys as it would be an awesome experience for me to do so.

Kind regards


2nd email 18/1/2011 8:34:06 PM AWST

Hello Robin,

Thank you for your considered reply.

As you have discovered, the world of mat surfing has its own unique and varied history, especially the personalities.

What concerns me is certain individuals will use their influence to promote, and in some cases falsify matters, to raise their own profile.

PG & DS are the exceptions, and have their own difficulties with each other, as  the only true mat  pioneers of hand made mats today  that I know of in the world.

Today's  mainstream surfing culture, is full of commercial opportunists, trying to exploit any way possible, as a means to make a quick $.
Mats are no exception.

However on balance, the few mat surfers I have met, are largely decent , unpretentious people.

I am pleased you are reveling in this exciting adventure...

Best Regards,

My reply 19/1/2011 9:42:14 AM AWST


Lovely to hear from you again.

Yes I think any surfer who has been around since the beginning and experienced what surfing was must be shaking their head in disbelief at how everything has changed and certainly will change more no doubt.

PG and DS are true legends and I am sure all of us who ride mats feel deeply in debt to them and indeed all of you who have been involved in the development of the modern mat. I am stoked to have 3 of PG's mats and 1 of DS's.

I am a bit of a geek so when something new comes along in an area of interest I just have to try it hence my buying one of MT's mats.

I think anybody that entertains and perseveres with riding a surfmat, particularly in the face of the current surfing culture, just has to be a special type of person and probably pretty decent and delighted about their chosen medium for catching waves.

Please do keep in touch.

All the best for the New Year.



PS I am really pleased with the new title image on Magic Carpet Ride as I think it it a terrific pic that embodies much of what mat riding is all about still as well as being a salute to the past!


The 2nd exchange January 2012 

1st email 9/1/2012 12:07 PM

Dear Mr Ramsnake,

I find it incredibly petty of you to delete my contribution from your blog.

Because I made some critical comments  about yourself and that ''person'', you have taken offence and not had the decency to engage constructively in replying to me.

May I suggest you climb down from your privileged ivory tower of middle class academic indulgences, and take a realistic look at the surf mat history [ask the right people, not that person..] and you will find a rich and colourful history of those individuals paving the way in mat surfing and design. However, I now understand you have had some falling out, with one of those persons, and for this reason may be reluctant to seriously take up my offer...?

Your suggestion in making mat surfing  ''mainstream'', is just ludicrous, when surfing is becoming ridiculously crowded, and commercial  now.

It appears you  have been duped by your pal, who only wishes to use your forum, blog as a vehicle for his own self aggrandisement and profit making.
I seriously suggest you make independent inquires about what I saying, and I can guarantee you the majority of responses will be negative. 
Until then you  are quite happy to go along with this nonsense, until things go awry, and you will experience a very different person to what you are now witnessing.

So in the interests of free speech, and surf democracy don't be such a pathetic human being , and to quote you allow some ''robust'' debate.

You have opened a pandora's box, hope you know what you are letting yourself in for?

In Disgust,

My reply 9/1/2012 12:43:12 PM AWST


I am not aware that I have done so. Which post did you comment on as it is very rare I delete a comment?

I have not had a falling out with any one in the mat world as far as I know. There are some who appear to have fallen out with me but I haven't taken steps to do so with them.

Do let me know which post you commented on as I cannot remember deletng a comment for some months now.



My second reply 9/1/2012 12:57:28 PM AWST

Hi again

I think I have just worked out what has happened. You are talking about the forum rather than the blog? When I first created the forum I could not get it to work as I wanted so I had to recreate it with a different provider. You were not the only one that was caught out as Matador was too. If you return to the post here and click on the link to the forum you can reregister and reiterate your post.



2nd email 9/1/2012 12:55 PM

Dear Mr Ramsnake,

How disingenuous of you to pretend you did not get my posting, when others send theirs in ,most cute of course, and get published.

As I would expect you have not answered, or debated any of my comments, so this confirms my suspicions about your sincerity.

I find, and others find all this hilarious and pathetic to say the least.

I hope your satisfying your puerile mind in this self indulgent crap.

9/1/2012 1:52:23 PM AWST


I am starting to lose my patience here a little. I am trying to establish what occurred and provide a solution. I reiterate, I have not intentionally stopped you having your say but the same situation may have occurred to you as it did for Matador as I explained in the comments of the blog post introducing the forum. See the pic attached.

Firstly, please confirm whether it is actually the forum you are talking about and secondly if it was then please take up my invitation to reregister and post again.



PS I would request that you stop using a manner of language that insinuates that I have actually been in error.

3rd email 9/1/2012 1:39:08 PM AWST

Nice bit of obfuscation,,,

Keep up the duplicity, as I am sure you will.


Who needs friends like that????????


  1. Ha I just discovered and read for the first time the comment this person made that is supposed to have triggered my disallowing him the opportunity for a robust debate on the forum. Check the last comment on this post

  2. I will decleare an interest here, I am Robin's partner, however as a non-matrider I also stand outside of the melee.

    If you go to that post:

    and read that last comment, then look at the profile of the author, it reveals they have only been on Blogger since January 2012 - who's playing games here?

    Despite some of the very misguided, even paranoid comments that some people are making here, Robin's intentions are pretty clear. He is simply crazy about mats. You guys need to lighten up, go for a surf on whichever craft takes your fancy and remember what surfing is really about. Alo-fucking-ha!

  3. And I'll support Robin too- I'm happy to be a friend of Tomo's and have had blog flack for that too. I'll delete it when it gets insulting but mostly I ignore it as people's opinions are their own and it's entertaining how much work these anons will put into running down someone- they accuse him of being self promoting but then attack every mention of him with their own promotion? It's the internet, it gets silly. Go ride something and send me photos of you doing it, and I'll put your photos up too. Fair play for all, except that SUP guy who's been getting in my way lately.

  4. Oh- and of course Tomo can be loud and in your face- he's Australian- they're like that. If you want more civilised behaviour, talk to us Kiwis. If you want wave riding madness, you're dealing with Aussies.