Monday, September 3, 2012

From Da Bolt!

Hi Mate

Had a GREAT mat wave at Moruya breakwall on Saturday.
The local longboarders could not believe two old dudes coming out and ripping these classic waves apart on mats..
When I arrived there with Adam it was so cold. He did not want to come out not matter how much I called him a sooky cry baby…even telling him to “harden up” we are matmen did not work he elected to take some piccies which was a bit of good luck.
We had already been out for a kneeboard surf earlier on, but these waves screamed out for a mat.
I could hear my “vespa” calling me…take me.. take me…so I was in like a “Bolt” out of the blue.
Here is a sequence shot of the wave that convinced Adam he should… toughen up …put on a cold wet sandy steamer…and be out with me having fun.
You will note I have still not learnt how not to “Man Handle “ the roundtail…but she told me she likes being treated hard..such an understanding mat. We stayed out until hypothermia set in then it was off to the pub for a hot meal and even hotter coffee.
Piccies…the wave....take off into the offshore breeze..turning onto the wall…ripping another turn…ooops ripped it right off the face…into the barrel…back out again……….. me going in with my duckfeat…
Hope you enjoy..have a look at Adams latest link/blog site thing and you can see heaps more stuff.



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