Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Mat Riding Tip from Jakey!

Ramsnake was right when he stated in this post that it wouldn't be long before I was out the back on my own. Well, here I am! 
One of the common questions Pop gets is "Where are the handles on a mat and how do I attach a leash?" Well the answer is: "The handles are anywhere you want them to be as the modern lightweight soft fabrics make it easy to hang on without the need for a leash or handles." 
Here are some photos of me using 3 different grab and handle techniques as I go it alone and charge and hey - even if I say so myself; take it to the next level! It must be easy if a 4 year old like me can do it. All that time on the front of the mat with Pop is paying off. My timing and ability to read the waves is incredible now considering I am so young. The mat has really helped me to learn all this as I can feel what the wave is doing through it. 
Do I look stoked or not!