Sunday, September 30, 2012

Damn, that makes me feel good!

I received the following email this week and it really did help to confirm that the time I spend posting here is worthwhile.

Love your matting blog. It inspired me to buy a surf mat a few weeks ago (4GF Fatty). 
Find myself re-reading your blog entries after a surf to learn more. Your early experiences on the mat mirror my experiences in recent times.
Have made a vow to stick at it at least until I've experienced 3rd gear. 
Take it easy.
Steve (Sydney)

I know, I know, I shouldn't really need to get this sort of direct pat on the back as the blog is currently getting 500+ visits a week. Clearly it is servicing a need, but, it does warm the cockles of the old ticker when I do get one, so thanks Steve. Your unsolicited email was most welcome and I am absolutely rapt that my early experiences are helping you out. Particularly so, as much of the reason for starting the blog was because of the lack of information/discussion of how to go about this mat riding business when I was in the same place you are now!

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