Thursday, September 13, 2012

The New Voit Duck Feet Fins Review

After todays session, I am so impressed with the changes that Greg Deets has made to this already great pair of fins.
As I mentioned in the postscript to this post, as soon as I touched one I could feel the dramatic difference in the composition of the rubber. So I knew immediately that they were likely to be way more comfortable than the previous model. I also pondered at the same time how this might change the effectiveness of an already satisfactorily efficient fin.
I can now confirm their improved comfort and that their ability to transfer the kicking action into propulsion forwards is measurably improved and yet the effort to do so seems less.
So a terrific result and I can only recommend that you get your hands on a pair as soon as you can.
I am now also champing at the bit to get my hands on a pair of UDTs once they become available in my size again.

I have also modified this new pair of fins to control the Shark Shield's antenna, but chosen to do so a little differently as the composition of the rubber is softer. I drilled a hole that was just big enough to allow the cable tie through as I prefer that it is held firmly in place.


  1. Thanks for the review. Is the blue rubber soft and the green rubber stiffer?

  2. which model of the Shark Shield do you use? ... P.S. for me, the new green/brown UDT's are even a better fit than the new Ducks ... hopefully Greg will get the 360-inc folks do a run in your size

    1. I've been wearing the blue-marbled UDTs during 6 yrs of matting. I'm wondering are you able to compare the new UDTs to the old ones?

    2. sorry for late reply; been swamped at the office ...
      for me it's all about the new rubber: 'tis like butter, that and the foot pocket, again, has changed for the better (although, that may be simply due to the new rubber)..regardless - for me, these are the best yet: best, and most comfortable, fit yet *and* no noticeable change in base fins capabilities; i.e, thrust, thrust, and more thrust...the two new Ducks are great, too, however, i find i like the foot-pocket feel of the new UDTs the best, and as such, am ordering a 2nd pair and plan on cutting/trimming those, ala what George Greenough did to a pair of his UDTS a few years ago (i mentioned this to Greg and he's all for the experiment, just cautioned me to do a clean trim, i.e., don't try to taper the new ending)

  3. Prana I think the colors at just colors and don't represent different compositions.

  4. Replies
    1. Robin - have you worn UDTs before and could compare them to the new Ducks?

  5. I haven't managed to get my hands on the UDTs yet but will be doing so when they are available in my size again. Yes I started off using UDTs but switched to the Duck Feet as I found the UDTs had a tendency to try to twist my feet off the end of my leg in wipe outs etc. I find the Duck Feet are a really great all round mat riding fin with the news ones being particularly comfortable to wear. Because of this I am thinking that the new UDTs may become a viable option so I am looking forward to giving them a try.

  6. The UDTs do provide more raw thrust in comparison to the Duck Feet.

  7. Thanks Gents...a UDT order is a'brewing.