Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Eva in a tube on a Krypt MT5 at Nias!

I got an excited phone call from MT yesterday telling me he had just received an email with some pics of a fantastic tube ride for the Krypt Surf Technology 2012 Tube of the Year competition. The rider is Margaret River resident Eva Darcy and that is a cranking and perfect wave that she has found herself in! While researching the Nias wave I was interested to read that the usual tube ride has now increased from 7 to 9 seconds since the devastating earthquakes moved the sea floor up. If these images don't get you fired up to keep those entries coming in then I don't know what will? Here is what Eva had to say about her Nias mat riding experience and this particular wave.

Hi Mark, 
I have just returned from a 3 week holiday in Indonesia.
As luck would have it I got to boat around the Talos on my friend's boat which was very special because it is beautiful and very quiet. There I matted Churches which was fun.
Further fun instilled on my arrival to Nias. What a beautiful wave. However, I was also very much challenged here because you see I do not surf with that many people ever and I realised that surfing with crowds with individualistic agendas has a much different dynamic than for instance surfing with your own pod. The next day I took my surf mat and paddled out to the main wave. No one but 2 Aussies had ever even heard of a surf mat. I surfed 3 waves. This sequence is the second wave that tubed.I felt free and happy and totally elated from this surf and this is my measure as to wether I am on the right wave or not.
I hope this email finds you healthy and makes you happy.


It sounded to me like it made him happy Eva!