Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Smorgasbord of Surf Mat Images

One of the great new features introduced in IOS 6 was the ability to share PhotoStreams. Yesterday, we heard that there are 200 million devices using IOS 6 and that their users have shared 70 million images with each other!
So I am adding to these already huge numbers by sharing 2 streams containing my collection of over 1000 surf mat related images with you guys and gals. The first has 1000 images and is full but the 2nd only has 290 and I will continue to add to this one as my collection grows.
If you are in the Apple ecosystem, you can subscribe to this 2nd stream and enjoy automatic notifications as images are added. Send me your email so as I can add you to the subscription list and you will receive a subscription invitation.
Those of you in the Windows and Android world can bookmark the two public links below so as you can visit 'em anytime.
I would also like to invite you to please do send me any pics you have to so as we can get them out there for all to see.
So, if you could do with a little inspiration you can check the pics out anytime and especially also encourage anyone you are introducing to mat riding to do so as well.  When you get there click on any of the photos to view them in full size and use the controls to continue viewing them at your leisure or automatically as a slideshow. Enjoy!

Surf Mats 1 -
Surf Mats 2 -

This means that the Surf Mats and their Riders in action series has now come to an end.

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