Tuesday, October 30, 2012

At last the Omni arrives!

So finally after months of leaks and hints, PG releases his latest mat design - "The Omni". I am beginning to think he has taken a leaf out of Apple's marketing manual! Damn lucky nobody accidentally left one in a bar somewhere! What a rich place the mat riding world has become in the last few years. Surfers from everywhere around the globe taking up mat riding with a terrific range of mats to choose from. Now we have yet another and I will be very interested to hear how it goes in more extreme waves than it seems to have been tested in mainly to date. (Isn't it awesome, whilst over 70 years of age, GG can still claim the wave of the day!). I am most interested that PG has produced a great mat by changing the tail of the Roundtail Tracker considering this post I wrote back in August this year. The main point I mention was, that in my limited experience, I had noticed that the very square tailed MT5 seemed to release earlier than the very round tailed Tracker. So it is great to hear PG report that once he had made the critical change to the i-beams, the prototype Tracker Squaretail "wanted to break free and glide with no provocation". Kendog also notes that it has a great capacity to come off the bottom turn and up to speed on the wave which is a hallmark feature of the MT5 that MT demonstrates many times in the Turbo Time II video.
I think the Blue Streak version of the Omni might be a ripper of a mat. I am really looking forward to PG getting them across to G so he can whack some grip on and get them out to riders with access to good sized powerful waves. Get those reviews in boys and gals!

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