Saturday, November 3, 2012

Less a wrangler than he once was!

Hi R

Here are some piccies from Adam of the waves we had at Monties last
Saturday. Adam sent me out as test pilot AGAIN which was fine by me.
We had to surf these waves all on our own as there was no one around
except a couple of fishermen.
They stood spellbound at our antics..OR.. maybe their waving arms were not so much congratulating us on the rides but trying to tell us to get out of the channel which they were fishing into.
Not sure, but yeah we were there first.

So on his way out he yells at me, STOP wrangling that poor I let go and put my arms out in front...woo I took off, lucky I had the mat pressure just right and my balance. I changed from second gear straight into 4th gear and let out a whoop of joy.
Did it on a couple of others, Adam saw one and cracked up. So again I learn more and the fun just keeps on getting better.
Our two mates Oily and Butters are interested in having a go so that should be good for some more laughs.

Catcha inda green room...da bolt

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