Friday, November 30, 2012

The 11th Tube of the Year entry makes it back in to the comp!

So here again is that incredible footage of Chad Barba at the Wedge. It has been beautifully re-edited by the owner of the footage, a Wedge institution himself, John Minar. Make sure you do yourself a big favour and watch it in HD! My apologies to John for initially infringing his copyright. My sincere thanks to both MT and John for negotiating the footage extraction and re-edit.  It would have been a great shame if this footage had not been a part of the competition this year. The closing date has been extended another two weeks until the 14th of December so get those last minute entries in and then we can get down to the voting!
Just in case the video was not enough for you, John has also very kindly contributed another couple of stills from the same day.

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