Friday, November 9, 2012

Finally, an Australian Distributor of Voit Swim Fins!

Mark Thomson emailed me recently with the sensational news that Krypt International has secured the distribution rights for the legendary Voit UDT, Duck Feet and V Duck swim fins here in Australia. Mark is very proud to have secured this deal as Voit swim fins have never before been available in Australia as longtime surf gear retailer Gail Austen from Goodtime Surf & Sail in Brisbane confirms.

Biomimetically designed, these sensational fins mimic nature and possess a perfect flex pattern for striking speed with instant response and thrust providing greater propulsion with minimum effort. They are made from Dual Durometer 100% gum rubber with no plastic additives or other impurities added.

Mark has used and recommended the Duck Feet model for over 25 years and along with the UDT's they are the fin of choice of the majority of the world's most experienced mat riders.
Available Early New Year 2013, this is a huge plus for all Australians who use swim fins for their water based activities.


  1. It sure is and nobody here except for a few bodysurfers and mat riders even knows they exist!

  2. I'm loving my new formulation UDTs. Comfy and whippy.

  3. Stoked!!!!!...have tried emailing Greg with no repy as yet, so thanks for the 'heads up' Robin!