Thursday, August 30, 2012

I have succumbed!

Can you blame me really though as one does feel incredibly vulnerable on a surf mat. We have had yet another serious shark attack just a couple of days ago and only two months after the last. This means there has now been an unprecedented and statistic shattering 5 serious shark attacks here in Western Australia in the last 10 months, along with many other sightings and incidents. The combination of this unsettling news and the recent little incident, that occurred right here at the point, has resulted in my purchasing a Freedom 7 Shark Shield to wear when I am surfing in the future. Those testimonials make for an interesting and thought provoking read particularly as some of them relate to incidents nearby here on the south coast such as this one.
I have on three previous occasions seriously thought through the psychological, physiological and particularly the idealogical issues relating to doing so and three times have decided against taking this step. Because, like many of us who surf, I have been an advocate of the philosophy that says you are sharing the ocean with all creatures so you just need to accept the risk. So I have not come to this decision lightly and it disappointments me somewhat. But when the game changes, and it certainly seems to have, you have to adopt a new strategy or you might start to lose. So with the same reasoning behind why I put up with the inconvenience of a seatbelt in my car, I have decided to change my strategy when I go out to catch waves and today have placed an order.
I may actually have to wait sometime to get one as I have heard that they may have run out as the demand has been so high because of recent events. I am waiting to hear about that as I write this post.
In the meantime, I will keep surfing even though the sessions of late have been charged with a little extra head dialog adding to a more tense atmosphere than normal!


  1. Cool. We'll all come and hang out on your wave!

  2. Does this Freedom 7 Shark Shield works against shark attacks? That's the big question. If it works. Then that's totally cool on my book.
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  3. Read some of the testimonials and in particular the one I have linked to.

  4. I heard yet another disturbing shark story yesterday when I was in the old home town watching the youngest play soccer. ST was surfing somewhere up in the North West of the state with his brother. Suddenly some type of shark with a fin that stuck a good 18' inches or so out of the water charged his sibling aborting at the last second and disappearing underneath him. One of those peak life moments I imagine!

  5. The Shark Shield arrived today and I was strangely unexcited about it. A bit like getting a new seatbelt for the car. :-(