Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not my over active imagination apparently!

There was a hell wind last night that resulted in the swell shooting up from 2.5 metres yesterday to 7 metres today. After Michelle and I had taken the dogs for a walk and picked up our regular Wednesday evening Haloumi Masala takeaway curries, we headed off to the point to check out the action. As we drove up to the boat ramp bad weather viewing point, we discovered another half a dozen vehicles worth of locals had the same idea. The whole bay was a seething mass of movement with huge waves pounding the beach all the way round. It is incredible how the point can still provide surfable waves for the brave and talented even in those conditions and the short video shows two of the 4 punters taking on the more moderately sized of the powerful and fast right handers that were coming through.
Yesterday, I had been out in far more moderate conditions chasing that left I had so enjoyed and posted about here. It was very overcast and rainy and apart from two others well around the bay, I was on my own until another punter turned up looking for that same left that he had also enjoyed albeit a day later. I had been feeling a little spooked and uneasy about being out there on my own most of the session and the feeling did not really dissipate even with the arrival of another human being. The left was not working nearly as well as it had a couple of days earlier as there was a little more swell and the tide was probably a touch too low. I did catch a few so-so waves but was having to sit very wide as the section at the peak was closing down and this next section was not providing great shape either. As I headed back out following what was to be the last wave I rode that day, I saw an all to familiar shadow in a wave rising in front of me.

Ummm, I thought to myself, I am not absolutely certain what I have seen but given the recent events at the point and the marginal conditions today I think I will go in.
So it was with great interest to me that the local police turned up at the point this evening also. That last wave, was Leif's last also, as they had come down to warn the boys of another shark sighting that day.
I think I made the right decision yesterday!


  1. I saw something out there the other day too. Hearing about the sighting yesterday was a blow, it possibly means the shark is haninging around. But with the inlet open and all the salmon around, no surprise to hear the sharks have come for a feed.

  2. Apparently the most recent sighting was actually a seal doing shark impressions sticking it's flipper out of the water. Well, anytime there is a seal around, which is rare here, I am always straight out of the water and back on to dry land anyway.

  3. Just to be clear. The image of the shark in the wave is not from around here and merely there to provide an example of the type of object I thought I saw on the day.