Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Brett ......???

Heap of great images of Australian mat rider Brett ......??? have featured of late on PG's blog.
Lucky Brett's very accommodating partner, Michelle, seems more than willing to stand around taking heaps of pics of him riding various 4GFs. In view of the fact he is an Aussie, I though it appropriate to put together a slideshow of him doing his thing and post it here.
He is reasonably new to mat riding and I think it has been a bit of a "revelation" for him, as it has been countless others of us too. Hence, my choice of this great composition of the same name by Russell Ferrante played by the inimitable Robben Ford. Such a sweet guitar tone!
I would love to find out more of your story mate. If you are interested email me at ramsnake53@gmail.com.

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