Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Range of Voit Fins

I was pretty excited when I saw this post by PG the other day.
The saviour of Voit swim fins Dr Greg Deets has improved his already sensational range of fins making the UDTs more flexible and the Duck Feet whippier. There is a fantastic article about the life of this pretty amazing guy here that is well worth a read.
Like many others on the same journey, I have discovered that, depending on the size of your legs, these two models of swim fins are the holy grail for mat riding. I started off using Pod 2 fins but soon switched to UDTs which I left unmodified rather than modified as many riders choose to do. They immediately revolutionized my mat riding experience and made my already tree like legs even more so. 
A year or so later, having noticed many experienced mat riders preferred to use them, I switched to Duck Feet which I posted about here. Although, I loved the raw power of the UDTs, I found the torsion they applied to my ankles and lower legs during a ride and when mixed up in the wave at the end of one increasingly uncomfortable to have to deal with. Although the Duck Feet don't provide quite the same degree of propulsion, less length, weight and stiffness allows for a good flutter kick to assist on the take off. They still provide plenty of control during a ride without feeling like they want to twist my lower legs off at the knee if I get mixed up in the closing out wave at the end of it. 
Straight from the horses mouth, here is the pricing and the details of how to get yourself a pair. 


fins are now available
all came out real nice

50 for udt
29.50 for v-ducks
26 for ducks
all USA dollars
just give me a formal order
i'll send it to lindsey at warehouse and cc you
you call her for CC # and address
she'll ship asap

fins below

take care 

Will I be placing an order? You bet I will be!


  1. This appears to be Greg Deets company and where the Voits are shipped from.. http://www.360-inc.com/

  2. I have had a few small surfs using the new UDTs and they are a delight. I can detect no loss of propulsion but there is a significant increase in comfort compared to the old rubber formulation, which I have used for the past 6 years. 'Buttery', 'whippy' all describe the new fins well.

  3. Yes I am looking forward to getting a pair but will have to wait until December when they become available again in my size. The new Ducks are excellent too!