Wednesday, July 4, 2012

World first tandem surf mat ride at Lennox Point

Back in December I posted about MT's grandson Jakey having a great old time learning to ride a surf mat with the help of his grandfather. Jake has continued his mat riding lessons and has become quite waterwise and understands already which waves to go for and how to turn the mat. He is also used to wiping out enjoying the flogging game that he and MT play.
"Was that a flogging Pop?"
"Yes. Jakey that was a flogging!"
As you can see he was really starting to get the hang of riding a surf mat. Jake has continued his mat riding lessons and the other day, in front of an understandably worried photographer mother, this 4 year old became the youngest rider ever to surf the point at Lennox Head. Check out the 5 images below.
Shall we do it Jakey? MT mentioned that Jake holds the mat when they go in off the rocks making the decision when to jump in himself with Pop following afterwards.
Yeh. Let's go for it Pop!
Get your head down Jakey!
Cover up!
Can we do that again soon?


  1. that is some beautifully heavy surf stuff..
    the little guy must be so stoked!

  2. How 'Excellant' is that!! Thanks for posting Robin.