Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Reef Project

Next week Michelle and I are hoping to get to Perth to see The Reef which I recently posted about here. This has suddenly become dependant on whether we both manage to throw off the flu we have been suffering since our winter holidays started. I am feeling ok today but it keeps bouncing back to bite me every time I try to actually do anything and I just want to feel my usual self again. In the meantime, I happened to check director Mick Sowry's blog yesterday and was delighted to discover they had basically finished editing the footage. This has been all the more difficult as there are precise timings to be considered in order that the footage fits with the live music that will be played. Anyway. Mick included some stills in the post including this great one of Warren Pfieffer on the 5GF I imagine, being the mat that he deemed worked the best for him in those pretty gnarly conditions. A bit hard to judge from the pic but there is plenty of size and aggression to that wave and the following footage will give you an even better idea of what the conditions were like.

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