Friday, July 27, 2012

I hope Tim is ok with this!

I was so taken with this footage, I just had to rid it of all those stand up try hards and feature Swedish mat rider Tim Ciasto, alone, on that great little standing wave in Munich! I particularly love the view from above which shows so clearly the efficiency of the mat's movement through the water. Sorry mate changed the music as well then YouTube didn't like Deep Purple's Flight of the Rat so they made me change it yet again!


  1. Standup try-hards? You really have become a fucking snob!

  2. More to do with their efforts on this particular wave rather than some overriding generality.

  3. MF - have to go with Robin on this one. It looks like a difficult ripple to ride and the mat was the best option! The overview was great thanks Robin.

  4. Hi Robin,

    cool to see my little video showing up on your site. I don't mind that you have messed with it. I even like the song, but who is this "Tom" that is mentioned in the title of the video?
    Just kidding ;-) I like it and I'm glad that you are sharing parts of it here.

    Regarding the stand up surfers:
    The best surfer that day was a little girl with a tiny board. She was about 10 years old and carved smooth turns on that wave. The wave is not particularly powerful, so most heavier surfers had their problems. It felt like, with a better technique, I would have been able to stay on that wave until the other surfers had started to throw stones at me...


  5. Thanks for the ok on the editing Tim. Bloody Tom. He does that occasionally. Slips in unnoticed to try to steal the show. I have dealt with him and the clip now has yet another different soundtrack.

  6. Oops! I accidentally deleted the comment Michelle made before her last one.
    "Well sorry, I live with him and he has become a little obsessed regardless."