Thursday, July 26, 2012

PG's Mat Riding Tip from the Pros post 1 & 2 in slo-mo!

A couple of really interesting posts, one & two, from PG lately relating to mat riding technique.
They feature the great mat riding footage of GG and Mike Cundith from Crystal Voyager. It is a little hard to pick up what is going on as the clip is from the original footage.
I thought you might appreciate the slo-mo version of that footage that I created a little while back specifically so one could get an even better view of what is going on. It even features the "Keep on Chooglin'" soundtrack that featured the original Rubber Duck Riders movie GG first released in 1972!
The second post shows GG doing a move I think most mat riders with a bit of experience have probably found themselves performing at some point. That super quick skidding change of direction is a move I love to do and only possible on a finless craft of course. You can see GG perform the move at around 2:06 in the footage above. The next wave is interesting too as you can see him really keeping his chin down low and just charging along with fins free of the apart from the odd dab every now and then.  Mat riding is such exceptional fun! PG has made it easier for you to join in too if you live outside of the US as he is offering free shipping until August 10.

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