Monday, July 30, 2012

Da Bolt digs the Vespa!

As you already know from this post, my 4GF Vespa Roundtail went off to join the mat quiver of the irrepressible Eric "Da Bolt" Bridges. Here is what he had to say about his first outing on it.
"Mate only ONE word for the Vespa Roundtail...F**Kin AWESOME....what a great mat man....took it out on Saturday and it is SSSOOO easy to blow up 26 breaths and it was some excellent long waves did all sorts of totally stoked...Adam is going to get one now to add to his collection of surf craft...we were lucky my daughter was with us to snap a couple of piccies from the shore..Adam has some pro cam video so it should all look good when he puts it on his blog site later on...just had the best time...shame we did not get any Tube shots."
Umm that's two words Eric but so delighted that you are pleased with it and I knew you would be. Here are some more pics from the session.

I have told him that he really needs to use some bigger fins!!!

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