Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ironman practice, finless musings and jazz!

MattJ emailed me recently with the news that he had managed to score waves in our capital city Perth, a difficult thing to do, I may say. Apparently, the dumper usually to be found at Scarborough Beach was producing it's occasional good waves for a change like the pic from another day shows. So good in fact that he was able to put some time into practicing the "Ironman" on his Blue Streak Standard. Here is what he had to say.
 "The 'ironman' made an appearance at scarb this wknd, spent a session trying that manouvre whenever I could and noticed a couple of things. it seems to be a little less forgiving ie if you have to control the mat in a situation where you are adjusting or correcting your line like in a less than perfect bottom turn etc it can be tough but - in an ideal situation where you handle the take off bottom turn nicely (in normal rider position) and you drift up toward the shoulder and in front of you its walling up perfectly for that beautiful glide, then as long as you're far enough forward then that seems like the perfect time to pull out the ironman, had a couple of really nice runs like that, completely unobscured vision and felt really cool too, got a couple of stoked looks from people in the whitewater when I was doing it too so thats a good sign:) also the MT5 probably lends itself to the ironman better with the square corners easier to access if you need to firm up the mat etc."
"I was revisiting some ideas on finless surfing this wknd, design etc not that its any priority because as Pranaglider has mentioned before, surfmats really seem to be the most advanced wave riding craft out there and I havent ridden standup since shortly after getting on one!! but I was searching round and on vimeo there is a video with Derek Hynd and Andrew Kidman, and its not bad, its titled POV II Derek Hynd part two or something similar and it goes for about 9 minutes, I thought if you havent seen it you might find it interesting because a lot of what he is talking about is applicable to mats, he draws a quick analogy with music (jazz) and toward the end at about the 8min mark he's describing a moment at J bay and what is quite the revelation and a bit groundbreaking I suppose is something that as a concept at least, is already a familiar idea or experience to a lot of matriders - 4th gear!!"

"I also came to the conclusion this wknd that matting gets better the longer you do it...!"
How right you are my friend. How right you are!

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