Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mark Anders? Surf mat convert!!

Many of us read The Surfer's Path and more than likely the very similar Surfer's Journal also. Mark Anders came to the attention of many of us recently for having the courage to claim in "The Surfers Path" that a surf mat had been added to the heap of stuff that he already liked! In this case it was one of PG's 4GF Vespa Roundtails. When was the last time you saw any mention of a surf mat in a surfing magazine? Last I saw was an article on Krypt surf mats in an obscure Japanese magazine. Now Mark is not just your averagely experienced surfer as he has surfed all over the place and you can read about many of his experiences below.

What I learned on my French surf expedition with the Fireman, the nudists and the shampoo addict!

Coming home!

Taming the Zambezi River!

Surf Montana!

Bar Chords Single!

Just in case you haven't seen the editorial that inspired this post here it is! Click on it to read in full size!

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  1. Bar chords and single blades... I have that one! Couple pics of donny at a spot good for mat surfing..