Saturday, May 12, 2012

I thought I might miss my boards?

A few weeks ago now, I made the decision to get rid of all the surfboards I owned. This was a pretty momentous decision to make as I have been riding boards for 10 years and the thought of not having them around anymore was a little disconcerting to say the least. I made this decision because I was choosing to ride a mat so often that I was not using the boards often enough to retain the muscular fitness required for popping up. I knew this was starting to happen as I would often end up with muscle strains particularly in my back and that was a worrying scenario. So I sold all three of them quite quickly through Aido's Boardroom, the retail outlet of a shaper in my previous hometown. Aido shaped my only remaining board, a wonderfully balanced 6' 10" accelerator, that Michelle now owns and thoroughly enjoys riding as I did.
"What's that you ask?"
"Oh, yes of course. Have I actually missed not having those boards?"
Surprisingly, not once in the intervening weeks have I thought I might like to ride a board rather than a mat. I am a little stunned by this to be honest as I had thought that I may start to regret the decision I had made. Strangely, it has actually been a bit of a relief not to have the option of a board available as it is sometimes a hard enough decision choosing which mat to use. I know I am not the first board rider to give them up entirely in favour of mats so it is not like I am setting a precedent. But, it still blows me a way just a little that this quite commonly occurs!

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  1. I,ve been boardless for over a year now, and haven't regreted a minute of it. Mats LIVE!!!