Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A 2nd Anniversary and some shameless self promotion!

Two years and 4 days ago I received my first surf mat, a 4GF Fatty. It was on that most exciting day that the first ever public unboxing of a surf mat was performed and you can view that momentous occasion here.
More significantly though, it was exactly two years ago, on this very day, that I rode a mat for the first time and then reported to PG on that rather interesting experience here!
Well, I feel I can now confidently report that the devil machine has been tamed somewhat, that ridiculous grin still regularly appears on my face and I still remain utterly delighted at being a member of the world's mat riding cohort!


  1. And sometimes especially if one happens to be on a mat!

  2. Robin want to contact u
    Pls email me

  3. Done. I'm at just in caseit didn't get through.