Friday, May 18, 2012

Krypt MT5 tip and "What's that.................

..............tugging at the back of my mat?"
I have been riding the Series III MT5 for the last few sessions in a bid to break it in a little more and to continue to up my familiarity with a thin decked mat. Although the deck definitely has more grip than my Series I, I have found that I am sometimes losing the back end of the mat from underneath myself even when I am just paddling around let alone on a wave. Today, I had the brilliant idea of applying a little wax at the back of the mat in an effort to enhance the sense of security and minimise the tendency for it to disappear from underneath me. I think this has more to do with the rider familiarity than the mat, however, a thin deck mat does have more of the feel of a bag of air than the stiffer decked ones and is definitely a little more of a challenge to handle. Anyway, I can report that this little mod worked a treat and the beauty of just touching up the back end of the mat like this is that it does not interfere at all with pulling oneself on to the mat on the take off.
On another matter (Ha, ha),  I had a slightly bizarre sensation whilst riding a lovely long right hand wave yesterday. Turns out it was about the only decent wave I managed to find, but you only need one in a session to make it worthwhile. I was running the MT5 at a little less inflation than the usual 90 degrees I generally employ. As I moved along the wave I felt two or three, what I can only describe as tugs, as if something was intermittently latching on to the back end of the mat. You can imagine what my imagination conjured up initially, but no, it was not a large fish of a particular species and my legs were still attached to my body! I do tend to ride right up the front of a mat and I think the lower inflation I was using was resulting in the back end of the mat being able to move around a little more than usual and some weird physicsy vortex thing was happening. I whacked a little more air in the mat and really didn't get a chance to test it out again but it has never happened before so I can only assume it was probably the cause. I wonder if any of you might have experienced a similar phenomenon?


  1. I surf in cold water (55) and my mt5 air shrinks and the mat get real soft and I get that tuging, like it is hitting the breaks. when I put more air in it that goes away. I also wax my mt5 with my wet suit on I was always sliding off. not good when you are going down a big face and you are ahead of your mat

  2. Well I guess the water is a little colder here too as we are heading in to winter. It sure is a weird sensation. Do you have the Series I MT5, as the deck grip was much improved from Series II?

  3. Hey Robin, i have a series 2 and i wax mine. Haven't got the series 3 yet, but i was getting the same problem of slipping on the series 2...

  4. Interesting as the difference between my Series I and the Series II is quite marked. It amazes me how MT rides his wax free. He reckons he could ride a bar of soap without much problem.

    1. MT uses wax, GG uses contact adhesive to attach whatever new idea comes to mind.
      Too little pressure in your mat is providing drag. If you want to run that little pressure there is a cost

  5. Umm. An interesting response and just a little at odds to the established understanding. What mats are you riding Kevin?

  6. MT uses wax. he also always wears rubber.
    GG uses contact cement to attach whatever the next experiment is (little cubes of recycled tires, a la playground surface)
    Wax is more than adequate.
    Too little pressure presents a loss in laminar flow at the time when it is needed most. Once you deflate the mat to a point that you can not compensate with your hands you will have a less than optimum rig.
    Enjoy the ride

  7. Marks first Gen MT5 (black & blue) with modified UDTs.
    Dont be so sparing with the wax either run it half way up along each pontoon

  8. Yes MT was telling me yesterday that wearing a rubber fronted wettie provides far more grip. Yes I am inclined to agree that deflating a mat so far that you cannot control the shape with the hands it then struggles. On my First gen MT5 I wax the whole deck but have been able to get away without doing so on third iteration. Where are you doing most of your surfing?

  9. Byron Shire Robin.
    Wherever I can escape the swarms.
    Beaches and points.

  10. Well apart from the swarms, you lucky buggar you! Great to hear from you and thanks for your contributions on the subject.