Friday, March 23, 2012

You like backside?

Yes and frontside too!!!

Which direction do you prefer on a mat?
 It does not bother me and it was the same on a board as I was brought up on beach breaks and you learn to go whichever way the banks chose to make the waves go!

Is frontside on a mat also frontside on a board for you?
Yes it is!

If not, does that contrast work in your favor?
NA. See question 1

How much mat riding did it take for you to discern your preference?
NA. See question 1

What percentage of waves do you ride frontside? (For example, I go frontside 99% of the time.)
NA. See Question 1

Is your preference strong enough to dissuade you from surfing a spot that goes the other way? 
NA. See Question 1

Do you think your preference is physical in nature, or the result of the surfing environment you developed in?
See Question 1

How interested are you in learning how to go "backside" on a mat?
NA. See Question 1

As I am no longer able to comment on Surfmatters, I am answering this little quiz here.


  1. backside? frontside? I don't really think it matters on a mat. Left or right, thats the question!! And i'm with you Robin, fed beach breaks as a stand up for so many years that i relish all three, left ,right,and dead sailors(straight)!!!

  2. I am a 'natural' footer. I prefer rights but I can pig-dog it on the lefts, which I can't do on the rights.

  3. I like backside surfing the most on boogie and kneelo..(goofy knees) but the mat and paipos are better frontside I think... Im not comfortable riding bigger waves going left on the boogie but I am on the mat!

    My friend Josh is just the opposite....