Saturday, March 24, 2012

Concaves and asymmetry!

Interesting that PG is mucking about with concaves on his mats at the moment. Concaves first appeared in the original Surfoplane designed in Australia way, way back in the 1930's.  You can see that the outer pontoons are appreciably bigger than the inner ones.

Nothing has changed in this modern day iteration.

My Dale Solomonson Advanced 200/70 also had a touch of concave in it. My thanks to the extraordinarily affable Neumatics-R-Us for reminding me that I should indeed have mentioned this mat too.

The other well known Australian designed mat that has a concave is of course the Krypt MT5 and MT has mentioned that the original Surfoplane had, to some degree, inspired this design feature.

Interestingly Surfoplanes are also wedge shape too which PG has also been experimenting with lately.

Even more interesting though, is that PG has started making asymmetrical mats, with this particular one being half 5GF and half XL. This now providing us with the reason for his recent survey enquiring whether or not we only like to go frontside or backside as that is what you are going to have to decide if you want one of these. If you look carefully, you can see that the crease on the left (5GF) is not as deep as the one on the right (XL) and that the mat definitely looks lopsided with all the volume on the right. Very, very interesting times in the mat riding world!


  1. So lets get it right. the history of surf mats goes surfoplane and then krypt. krypt are designed by somebody who has never actually built a mat and the concaves in Neumatics have had nothing to do with it. now paul gross has seen the genius of thompson and decided to copy that.

    is that how surf mat history goes?

    you are an idiot.

    by the way how is the mt5 wedge shaped?

  2. And you are a fucking RUDE idiot Neumatics R-An-Arse. Personally I don't give a fuck who designed what and when, but people are allowed to have opinions that differ from yours.

  3. Ha, hilarious Neumatics-R-Us. Hook, line & sinker! Got you again! But look you're correct, of course, I should have mentioned Dale's Advanced 200/70 which I have owned and know has a concave too.
    But a word of advice for you in any case. If you don't want to speak to the person on the other end then don't answer the phone! Who's the idiot?

  4. Oh and I ask again. When will you come out from behind the camouflage of that ridiculous nickname, Neumatics-R-Us, you brave thing you.

  5. Umm I think you must be one of the pommy mat riders, if my stats are telling me the true story. Now that would fit as the last time you erupted it was something about one of G's mats! Tsk, tsk, Do settle down my dear chap! Jolly hockeysticks and all that!

  6. nobody cares what you give a fuck about mf because you do not even ride mats. changing facts is not expressing an opinion it is telling lies.

    robin do not try to give the impression it was some sort of clever trick. you are just churning out crap from krypt hq. there is only one person who has been taken for a ride and that is you. that and trying to talk about mats as if you actually know how they work. if that is not true then you are just winding things up again.

    i am in the uk but am not from here and have nothing to do with the mat guys over here. i do not really go for their clowning around. g talks a bit more sense than you but still has too much to say. the only reason i brought him up before was to point out your shit stiring when you said that his concave mat looked like an mt5 when it was nothing like one.

  7. Well Mr Neumatics, if you are indicative of mat riders, then I would say not riding one might be a bonus. Luckily I don't think you represent them at all, just the small-minded small-membered (isn't that what they say in the UK?) minority!