Monday, March 12, 2012

Series III Krypt MT5 arrives!

Today Mark Thomson's new Series III MT5 arrived and you can see the new double coated bottom fabric on the right in the pic.  I am looking forward to giving it a test and will duly report on that in time and it will be interesting to see how it compares to my well used blue bottom Series I model on the left.
Mark has this to say about the development of the Series III .

"The new super greys with the double coated bottom feel and look amazing. 
These mats are the best yet.
Last year I built 5 white 30d double coated ultra lightweight mats for the world speed record.
These mats are the ultimate frictionless speed machines but they are dead in few months of full time surfing.
Ever since I did the first white 30d double coated bottom I have been working hard to come up with an equivalent that would handle punishment and last the distance.
The MT5 Series 3 is a big step in that direction.
A genetic mutation between the super slick dolphin skin and the textured frictionless shark skin.
The surface tension of this material on a wave is fantastic
A perfect combination of speed and control with a side affect of enhanced durability."

MT5s have always been a sweet looking mat and, as MT mentions, this all gray model looks particularly so.
I had gathered the Dolphin skin deck had been improved following customer feedback and there is now a pronounced difference in the texture of the surface of the deck of this mat compared to the Series I .
I am really looking forward to experiencing the difference first hand tomorrow, with a bit of luck, and, if I find reasonable waves, an initial report will follow.

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