Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Series III Krypt MT 5 First Impression

Well, what a surprise MTs new mat is. But let me start at the beginning. When I got up this morning, I was again looking at the two MT5s, which I had left standing upright next to each other after last nights photo session, and I am looking and looking and then thinking and thinking then find myself saying "Shit, the new one looks a little bigger!". I go over to the two mats to investigate why, checking that they are similarly inflated firstly, and as I look I am thinking "Geez, has MT changed the rocker in this new mat?" It looks like there is less rocker which might account for it looking a little bigger or at least longer maybe! Now initially that is a surprise; until you think about the major change in this mat which is the super grippy bottom. If the bottom material is giving plenty of grip then maybe he has reduced the rocker. Well, now I am thinking if there is even only half a wave, nothing will stop me from taking this mat out today as it is clearly going to be a very different experience from the Series I MT5.
So I'm back now and I can report that it sure as hell was. I should be putting sometime into a Uni essay but here I am to report my first impressions in lumpy windy onshore conditions.
First the new Dolphin grip deck which was introduced with Series II. What a difference there is in the grip compared to my Series I which really does need a dash of wax on it to feel secure. This new deck is almost too grippy but I am assuming that this will moderate the more the mat is used. But it really works well with absolutely no need for any wax and has made the mat way more user friendly.
The Double coated grippy bottom is grippy indeed. You will notice this as you are paddling around that even if the mat has less rocker it feels like it has more rocker and definitely takes a little more effort to get through the water. When you take off you can confidently go for it even if the face is really starting to sit up and at one point I stalled the mat very purposefully at a moment I might not have chosen to on any other mat and the Series III did it so easily. It is quite an incredible sensation. This mat is clearly made for a powerful wave with a steep to hollow face. MT reckons he has lost a little top end speed but I guess it might only be noticeable to him on one of those fabulous Lennox waves.
There is a spot here that many of the shortboarders go to that I don't surf as it gets a little hectic to say the least but I have always wanted to try a mat there. To date I have not done so as I felt I needed to get my mat riding skills really honed but now I think I have found the mat which may well allow me to tackle that break sooner than later.
Ummmm! Damn, Mark has just informed me that there has been no change to the rocker so all my theorising was fruitless so you can ignore the machinations of my mind with regards to rocker above. But believe me, when I say this mat has incredible grip unlike any other surf mat I have ridden before today and I am not talking about the deck!

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  1. Having been out on the Series III a couple more times now, I have found that my initial impression that the mat seemed a little harder to paddle around on has moderated and it does not actually seem to be an issue at all. I can reiterate that it is a great mat to ride though and I am glad I was on it for Sundays session as the waves were quick and often steep and the Series III revelled in those conditions.