Saturday, February 5, 2011


I was in one of the sports shops in the big smoke recently looking for a Redback Surf mat which they didn't have. They were backordered but unsure which model had been ordered so they got out their suppliers catalogue and as we were flicking through the pages the pic above whizzed by. "Stop!" I said. Yep, they still make rubber surfoplanes. I am dead set going to get myself one of these to try riding out the back and I have an idea for a little holiday season beach business that has not been seen on a beach in Australia for many a long year! Can you guess what it is?


  1. Apparently 3 Newcastle businessman bought the rights and have been manufacturing the Surfoplanes since 2001. Awesome! Got one on the way so really looking forward to giving it a burl!

    1. I still have one from the newcastle store in immaculate condition and was only used a handful of times, as it kind of went the way of the exercise bike, used a little bit and then put in a cupboard and forgotten about. I have the longer model in blue and yellow purchased locally here in Nwcastle when the Surfoplane just opened and they were still hand made here in Oz.

  2. should always be room for a "plank" in your mat quiver !

  3. You can stand on them cause they're rock hard!!! I use mine as a dive float for spear fishing and happily drag it across rocks and all sorts.

    All-in-all its a hot water bottle!