Monday, February 14, 2011

And today...........

.....mat #6 joined the quiver. Ride report coming up in the comments later today!


  1. Well, I can report is it certainly a different experience. I didn't pump it up until it was rigid but just so as the outer sections were filled so as there was at least a little flex available. It is quite floaty but still a bit of a pig to push through the water. Because it is still quite stiff I found I could assist the take off by arm paddling which mitigates the aspect noted in the last sentence. Surprisingly it performed well easily moving along the face of the one wave I managed to get before my energy levels hit rock bottom as I had just completed a lengthy session on the Tracker.
    "What was that you ask?"
    "Oh,why wasn't I on the Standard as his been the case lately?"
    Well extraordinarily I had a mat riding buddy with me today, friend Andrew who was giving mat riding a shot having had a blast in the shore break recently on his young daughter's toy mat whilst on holidays a few hours to the East of here. He did very well for a first attempt but didn't quite get the full mat riding experience as the waves were not sitting up quite enough for him being a newbie with short fins on. HE got enough out of it to say he would like another go though!

  2. Lovely retro hog....heavy, a bit sluggish, but floaty enough to paddle and bounce over small waves. Will need a big pushy wave and still hankering to try and stand up on it in the right conditions (and when my foot is finally healed)

  3. I have one and dont really think of it as a mat. Hore a hot water bottle but a must in terms of history.


  4. Yep a Converse Hodgman would be nice to have also.

  5. "Hot water bottle" also came to mind as I fondled a SurfoPlane in the shop. :-D But fun none-the-less.