Friday, February 18, 2011

The mat cracked a mention in the local paper!

There was an article in the local rag this week about the first female lifeguard to be employed at our local break. There was a passage in the article that read:
"A DSLC lifeguard report outlines how some days the point 'looked like a circus' with every sort of ocean craft imaginable in the water. Longboards, shortboards, fishes, SUPS, kite surfers, windsurfers, boats, BLOW-UP MATS, jet-skis, hand-planes, bodysurfers and bodyboards filled the water."
Only one person I know who is regularly out there on a mat!


  1. You are a brave soul to go out in circus conditions!

  2. Media star!

    I'm with Prana. sounds like a zoo!


  3. Thanks guys. Good to know you recognise my courage and are recognising my growing local status within the surfing hierarchy!