Monday, December 6, 2010

I am............

............feeling a lot more comfortable on the Neumatic now and starting to ride it without thinking about the process at all which is a relief.
In fact I am going to be bold and state that I am starting to feel at home on it as I now seem to have come to terms with feeling like I am riding a big bubble of air having got the level of inflation sorted.
It has taken me awhile to work out where I need to position myself on it and that seems to be further back than on my other mats as there is quite a bit of length to deal with. Just like WP in the pic above, who I have often thought seemed to ride his mats further back than I considered ideal, but now that I have ridden a Neumatic I understand why.
I think that the grip has also become a little less unpredictable in it's hold and this has further contributed to my sense of ease and I feel I am struggling a little less when needing to adjust my position, which interestingly seems to be less neccesary?
I think it is going to be an interesting experience to ride a 4GF again!


  1. "feeling a lot more comfortable" Now the fun begins!

  2. Ok this is so cool! I have never heard of mat riding before. It looks like a lot of crazy fun! While I love surfing sometimes it is nice to take a break and ride the body board, but the mat looks like a total blast!

  3. The mat is way more adept than a body board!