Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Never before experienced!

I realised following a session on the Neumatic the other day that a large part of the appeal of mat riding is the new and never before experienced sensations that it provides whilst riding a wave.
This pic is a classic example as the mat is about to take off along the wave at great speed on a highline and the sensation of that, with one's face inches away from the towering wall reeling out ahead, is totally exhilarating!


  1. In the right position on the right wave nothing accelerates like a mat! I'm sure the feeling is enhanced with your face so close to the water but still these things can fly!!!

  2. Yeh, it is weirdly personal experience. Sometimes after I have caught a wave I am looking around to see if folks are staring in amazement and usually they are not but god damn because they way it felt they should have been!

  3. The first drop of the day -- even if I've been riding a mat everyday for a week -- is heartstopping...even after nearly 5 decades!

    (My word verification is "angling!!!)