Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not a lot in it!

Following a recent conversation on UKMatSurfers, I decided to do a little physical comparison between the Kpypt MT5 and the 4GF Standard as, on my recent couple of sessions on the Standard, it felt quite small and narrow compared to all my other mats and that I needed a much pushier wave to ride it just as Paul has advised me.  The results surprised me as I was under the impression that the MT5 was a slightly bigger mat as I cannot remember it feeling quite as narrow and needing a pushier wave quite so much. I have an inkling this might have to do with the thinner fabric used on the top which is also available by special request on a 4GF Standard. IE blue material top and bottom. I intend to do some more testing in this regard but in the meantime some pics comparing the dimensions of them both.                                        
Somewhere under there is a 4GF Standard!

But not as large a difference as it looks. You can just see the square tail of the MT5 poking out from underneath the 4GF Standard.

Both are blown up to a reasonably firm 90 degree bend and if anything the 4GF Standard looks a little deeper.

Side by side the MT5 is definitely a squarer mat and looks like it has more surface area.


  1. Don't forget the Standard also has three equal thickness pontoons. The MT5's middle 4 pontoons are a fair bit thinner than the outer ones.


  2. Yes that is true. Certainly two very different species!

  3. Well, two very different iterations of the same spieces might be a more accurate description!