Monday, December 20, 2010

Back on the 4GF Tracker Roundtail

There were very blowy onshore conditions yesterday and a pretty abysmal swell so I decided it was time to revisit a 4GF mat again having been on the Neumatic for some time now. The Tracker Roundtail is the go to mat for these conditions and it was that mat that I blew into action.
The Roundtail felt quite a bit smaller after the Neumatic and I have to confirm that I really like the nylon canvas decking as it allows quite adequate grip but still plenty of scope for adjusting position.
I started off at my usual soft 90 degree inflation before deciding that the conditions were so uninspiring that a little experimentation was in order to remain interested.
Clearly I have learnt a fair bit from riding the Neumatic as I was quite easily able to ride the Roundtail at super low, almost 180 degree inflation (perhaps deflation is a more accurate term?).
Even at this level of inflation, the canvas topped 4GF mat provides a stable platform on which to still to move around on the deck and still provide enough pliability to squeeze hard as required.
I didn't get any stellar waves but it was a most informative session in any case and "Heh, I got wet!".
The other upside of the session was that it is a bit warmer now so only boardies and a rashie required which is most enjoyable when riding a mat as there is an even greater feeling of freedom.

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