Friday, December 21, 2012

The Krypt International 2012 Tube Ride of the Year winner is..........?

Mr Chad Stickney! Chad (381 votes) got huge support for his entry, in a battle royale there for awhile with second place getter Eva Darcy (195 votes), before pulling a way in the end. So as both the rider and the photog, Chad wins another 2 MT5s for his fast growing quiver!
Just in case you missed it here is the winning footage again for your viewing pleasure!

I think everybody will agree that Eva Darcy, also riding a Krypt MT5, did really well to get so many votes. As the only female to put an entry in the comp, MT has very generously decided that she deserves a reward too and so there is brand spanking new MT5 for her as well!
Here, again for your further viewing pleasure, is that perfect Nias wave Eva got tubed on !

Thanks to everybody who got an entry in. It was just a sensational first time effort with 11 varied and classy contributions.
Krypt International will be running the competition again in 2013 starting on the 1st of January. MT assures me there will be much more in the way of prizes up for grabs so start planning your entry now. Teahupoo anyone!

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  1. A true worthy winner with a close runner up...well done! All of Chad's vids are so cool to watch and make's me want to slide my mat more over riding a knee board...keep them coming!!