Monday, December 24, 2012

Surf Today WA

This is one for the local wave riders here in Western Australia. I have spent the last month or so developing my first IOS app for iPhone and it is now available on the app store here. Rather than a providing a forecast, this very simple but useful app provides near real-time swell, sea and interval data from off shore buoys situated around the coastline and within the half hour wind direction, gust and speed data.
It is designed for those times when you get off work early, feel like you need a session and need to check what the essential conditions are right then. Well, now you can do just that!
Michelle is part of this app development enterprise helping out with design and colour selection for the graphical elements of the application. I am intending to port it to the Android platform soon.
This first version is free for the moment so no reason not to check it out. You will need to have IOS 6 installed but there is an update waiting for review providing support for IOS 5 devices. Anyway, if it does it for you, do tell your mates!